Hi! My name is Emin Yilmaz. Born on September 25 my life changed after my first gig which happened when I was studying in Belgium. Many global brands including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Balenciaga, Hermes, Versace, Armani, Alexander McQueen, Burberry and many more have made collaborations with me. With being a fashion influencer, I love adventure sports like skydiving and bungee jumping.


My Instagram profile, ‘emyzofficial’ will surely take everyone on a ride as it is all about his travel experiences, fashion and exotic cars. I own many luxury cars including Lamborghini, Mercedes, Porsche, Bentley, Range Rover, Audi and Ferrari. “Cars have fascinated me and how. My dream is to own all the best cars in the world one day”.. Moreover, I has been invited on several sports events featuring these brands and I got innumerable clients who have been influenced by my wealthy lifestyle. Currently, I am by far the most popular digital marketing influencer and people can’t get enough of my exceptional work.



About me